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Saturday, 5 November 2016

The Banana Crisis

During UoI 4, we learnt, roughly, how banana plantation workers get paid, compared to shops and supermarkets, which I will show, from most to least!

1: Shops and Supermarkets - 13p from a 30p banana

Yes, you read that correctly: Shops (and Supermarkets) get over a third of the payments from the banana!

2: Importer/Ripener - 7p from a 30p banana
And, we're already below a third of payments! I feel terrible. And it only gets worse!

3: Plantation Owners - 5p from a 30p banana
Bananas plantation
The Plantation Owners get a sixth of payments! It's a miracle they still run!

4: Shipper - 4p from a 30p banana
If you are smart enough, and read the introduction, you would know that:

5: Banana Plantation Worker - 1p from a 30p banana
Banana Plantation workers
Can you believe this? The people who probably work the hardest get payed the least. And, they run so many risks!

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