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Monday, 1 August 2016


What are Limericks?

Limericks are a type of poem, that have fine lines, and a strict rhyming scheme where lines 1, 2, and 5 rhyme with each other, and lines 3, and 4 rhyme with each other (A.K.A AABBA[see below]). The first line normally introduces what/who it is about. The second lines describes it. The third an dfourth line said what it did. Finally, the last line is the punch line.

Our Aim?

Our aim was to create a well written limerick, with the following success criteria:
  • It had to follow the AABBA rhyming scheme
  • The lines were to follow what I just wrote
  • It had to have rhythm


My friends limerick (thanks to Theo for making it :P):

There once was a very sad dog
who always sat on a log
He drifted down river
and began to shiver
but then he was killed by a frog

Now for some of mine:

There once was a fat Eskimo
who liked very much to lay low
He saw a black nose
He lay down - he froze
He had fallen down through the snow

There once was a man from York
who liked to eat champagne pork
He'd go to the shop
grab some meat - then hop
until he was hit with a champagne cork

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