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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

App Review #2! WHOOP WHOOP!: Grammar Ninja

And we are back to App Review with the amazing Grammar...Ninja! An amazing game for all those who are keen to identify just what the amazing things known as nouns,  adjectives, verbs, and all the other things in writing are! Great for ages 11 to 111!

But how to play, I wonder? Well it is actually quite simple actually! The game will first ask you to choose a difficulty level. It WILL  be ONE of the following:  

                                                                  Nouns & Verbs you must find!
Or, if that's too easy for you,

                                             Now, you add pronouns, articles, adjectives, & adverbs!
Or, if that's still too easy for you,
Now, you find absolutely everything!

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