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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Quick Write

Dear future generations: Sorry is a message to the future generations that the speaker is sorry that we left them with a messy planet to live on. I'm sorry too. Sorry that not even a tenth of the world have seen this. For this is the most important thing I've ever seen (and I watched a video about animal cruelty)! Plus, the people from our generation get a message too: we can stop this. The speaker talks first about trees, and how they let us breath, and store water for us to drink, and give us medicine, and finally, food. Then he tells them that he is so sorry to tell us we burnt them down, and cut them down with "horrific machines" to make money. And that's exactly what we did. We literally cut down 40 football fields of trees per minute, to make paper money. In fact, by the time you've read this, at least 20 football fields worth of trees will be gone. Maybe even more.Paper money with trees in the background of an important building (which I can not name). He then speaks about the fact that when he was a child, the native americans were so considerate for the planet for which they felt responsible for how hey left the land for the next 7 generations, which makes him sad, as a lot of us don't care about tomorrow. He proceeds to say (and I now feel the same way) that he is sorry we put profit above people, greed above need, the rule of gold over the golden rule, and that we use nature as a credit card with no limit (and I personally think it does, because nature doesn't last forever) and taking away people's chances to see unique animals. He apologises for poisoning the oceans so much that... nobody can swim in them! But he says that he is most sorry that we call all this... profit. Mindless destruction is not profit, and if you don't know that, you haven't watched the video my entire class put on their blogs or read the post you are reading right now. He tells people that are important to us to rethink things. He says that we can ignore him, but truth can't be avoided....

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