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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

SBC Week 5: Activity 4: Finish my story...

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Taken by Jordan Romero
"Are you sure we should do this?" asked Daniel. Daniel was an experienced mountain climber, but even he was scared. His friend, Richard, wasn't quite as good, but just as well known. That is to say, Not at all.

"Of course! We climbed Mount Cook, didn't we? And this will make us famous!" was Richard's reply.
"Mount Everest is a lot taller, and a lot more dangerous"
"Fine, I'll climb! But you are not following me!"
"Yes I am! We've done EVERYTHING together!"
"Fine! But I'm not responsible for your death!". So of they went.

But they didn't make it far, before they hit a dead end!
"ARE YOU KIDDING!" shouted Richard.
"Shush, before you set off an avalanche"
"Oh-oh, too late!"

You finish the story.........

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