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Wednesday, 13 April 2016

SBC Week 5: Activity 3: An Image and a poem

Rugby, Players, World, Cup, Stadium, Sport, Wembley
Thank you MonicaVolpin for letting this image be used

The All Blacks!

With sweat pouring down their face
But enjoying the fame
The ball they chase
to win the game

Daniel Carter
Tony Woodcock
They all join together
To make an invincible flock

Taringa whakarongo
As I say these special words
If you are not a kiwi
Please don't say I'm absurd!

By Riley Davidson
(A Kiwi)


  1. Hi,
    my name is Mckenna, and I love the words you put into this to make it rhyme, but even with the rhyming it still sounds so smooth, great job! My mom plays rugby as well. Is it your favorite sport, and if not, what is?

    1. Actually, my favorite sport is hockey! What about you?