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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

SBC Free choice: A special video

The video that I watched made me think about how the chimps felt, so her is a brief description of what the 10 ex-lab chimpanzees thought:

When their mothers were killed, they would have felt very sad, and angry, more so when they were taken away. Then when Gut Aidebichl took them into their care, they felt happy that they had lots of room and climbing equipment (that you would find on a playground). Then when they realised they were being released into open air (more or less), they were overwhelmed with joy.

This video was a documentary about Gut Aiderbichl's open air enclosure, and the 10 lucky chimps that got to enjoy it, after being held in captivity in a lab for testing, or bred to be kept in a lab.

Excerpt from Riley Davidson's Writers Notebook

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